Protect the data of your customers, employees, and vendors better‐starting today! Your organization now has access to Readiness Pro to better manage all of your personally identifiable information (PII).

Data Missteps

Lead to fines, lawsuits, and lost business

PII is the information your business has about employees, customers, or vendors that can identify an individual and possibly lead to identity theft or fraud. PII can be as obvious as a social security number or financial data, but it is also everyday data like email addresses and phone numbers.

Many laws cover retention and/or destruction of PII, and breach and consumer notification protocols. Your responsibility for data protection encompasses all paper records and electronic files containing PII.

All businesses need a comprehensive information privacy program, with administrative, technical and physical safeguards. This includes risk assessment, policy development, ongoing monitoring, and employee training. Proactive planning will minimize losses that can range from reputational damage and decreased sales to fines and lawsuits.

What will the CSR Breach Reporting Service do for me?

If there is an actual or suspected breach of PII, the CSR Breach Reporting Service reports to authorities and notifies consumers, as relevant laws require.

Your call to the in-house CSR team of privacy professionals initiates a custom evaluation of your incident to determine if authorities and consumers must be notified. CSR files the necessary breach reports on your behalf, and helps you prepare consumer notifications.

Breach Reporting Service™


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