Drop n Shred Program

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At Shred America, we understand that securely disposing of sensitive documents is crucial, even for small quantities of paper. That's why we are excited to introduce our new Drop N Shred program—an easy and convenient shredding service designed for individuals and businesses with small amounts of paper to shred. With Drop N Shred, you can take advantage of our secure shredding services by visiting your local pack 'n ship store. Here's why our Drop N Shred program is the perfect solution for your shredding needs.

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Convenience & Accessibility
-Drop N Shred offers convenient shredding services.
-No need for large-scale shredding or transporting bulky paper.
-Partnered with local pack 'n ship stores for easy drop-off.
-Gather small quantities of paper and take them to a nearby store.
-Shredding professionals handle secure and efficient disposal.
Secure & Confidential Shredding
-Drop N Shred for small paper amounts without compromising security.
-Adheres to the same rigorous security standards as other services.
-Materials handled with care and processed through advanced shredding equipment.
-Shredding professionals ensure strict confidentiality and complete document destruction.
-Protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.
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Affordable & Cost Effective

-Shred America offers accessible secure shredding for all.
-Drop N Shred program for affordable solutions.
-Ideal for individuals and businesses with small paper quantities.
-Avoid the expense of buying a shredder or in-house methods.
-Hassle-free and cost-effective document disposal.

Protecting Your Privacy

-Drop N Shred safeguards personal information and privacy.
-Shreds outdated financial docs, old medical records, and sensitive paperwork.
-Reduces the risk of identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access.
-Reliable shredding services for peace of mind and protection.