Keep your Government Documents Safe from Data Breaches & Identity Theft.

Government organizations around the country are held to high standards when protecting the confidential information that is created or passed through a specific entity.  Over the past few decades, the laws that govern how and when a government facility disposes of confidential information have been changed or updated.

We at Shred America are here to help keep your organization compliant with all state and federal regulations.

Laws that govern your organization:


The Health Insurance And Portability Act of 1996 was created to protect the privacy and security of certain health records.  


The Fair And Accurate Credit Transaction Act was developed to protect consumers from identity theft and has strict requirements for information security and disposal.


The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act was originally passed in 1984 and was enacted in 1986, which prohibits certain individuals from accessing confidential information stored on a computer without authorization.

Shred America Keeps Your Information Secure

We are veteran owned and operated and practice the highest standards of information security in the United States.  With every shred you receive a Certificate of Destruction that certifies that your sensitive documents have been properly destroyed.

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