Protecting Financial Records from Theft

As a financial service, your organization is privileged to highly confidential information relating to your clients.  Protecting this information from identity theft is critical to keeping your organization compliant with state and federal laws.

Who is considered a financial institution?

  • Central banks
  • Online banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Investment banks
  • Investment companies
  • Loan companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • And a host of more

Financial institutions are categorized as any organization that is engaged in financial or monetary transitions such as, deposits, loans, investments, and or currency exchanges.  If you are under this umbrella, information security protocols are not only highly recommended, but regulated by state and federal agencies.

A breach in your data security systems could result in high fines, even closure of your business, or possible jail time. Keeping your clients’ sensitive information confidential and out of the hands of identity thieves is a critical responsibility for you as a business owner.

Shred America provides information security to help safeguard your clients’ sensitive information with onsite document shredding services. We provide safe and secure document consoles for employees to store old or unwanted documents that host confidential information.

Contact our experts at Shred America today to speak with an information security expert about starting your document shredding services for your financial institution.

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