1) Because Our Clients Deserve It!
All data protection regulations mandate that secure data destruction services
designate a qualified professional to be responsible for regulatory compliance. So do
standards like NAID AAA Certification, R2v3 and PCI DSS. This position is commonly
referred to as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
While the majority of our competitors simply assign that role to an employee with little
or no background in data security or regulatory compliance, Shred America believes
our clients deserve better. That’s why we are one of the few service providers who
retains a third-party, best-in-class DPO to assure we meet or exceed our
2) To stay current on our compliance requirements in a rapidly
changing regulatory environment
Sixteen (16) states have passed new privacy and data protection regulations over the past
two years. Twice that number are expected to do the same in the coming months.
Eventually all states will. Having the right DPO means our clients don’t have to worry
about Shred America’s continued compliance as these regulations evolve.
3) To hold ourselves to a higher level of scrutiny
More than an advisor, our DPO’s duty extends to our clients and regulators as well.
From employee training and chain of custody, to collection and protection of personal
information, every aspect of Shred America’s privacy and data protection policies are
authored, endorsed and monitored. The entire relationship between our DPO and
Shred America is dependent upon consistent, demonstrable compliance.
4) For real-time access to one of the world’s most highly-respected
data protection professionals
With regulations constantly changing and with concerns over privacy and data security
coming from every direction, it is good to know that we and our clients are only one
email away from getting an expert answer to any question. In fact, Privata Vox
monitors, evaluates and comments on pending regulations, enabling Shred America to
help shape new regulatory requirements, while at the same time better preparing
ourselves and our clients for what’s coming. Luckily, Shred America wouldn’t have it any other way!
About Privata Vox
Privata Vox Principal Advocate Robert Johnson, CSDS, CIPP/US has one of the world’s
most high-profile and well-regarded data protection pedigrees.
From appearing before the U.S. Senate on data breach legislation, to working with the
Federal Trade Commission on FACTA rulemaking, to creating the secure data destruction
industry’s most accepted global certification, Mr. Johnson has proven time and again that
when it comes to advising data destruction services, he puts their clients’ interests and
regulatory compliance first.

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