Residential Shredding

At Shred America, we believe that information security is not limited to businesses. As a homeowner, protecting your personal information is equally crucial. The purpose of residential shredding is to ensure the safe disposal of documents and materials containing sensitive data, guarding against identity theft, and potential privacy breaches.

What Needs to be Shredded: Identify and Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

- Financial Documents: Bank statements, credit card offers, old checks, and tax-related papers.
- Personal Identifiers: Expired IDs, passports, driver's licenses, and insurance cards.
- Medical Records: Prescription labels, medical bills, and health insurance information.
- Legal Papers: Old contracts, legal notices, and any documents with signatures.
- Junk Mail: Pre-approved credit card offers and promotional materials.



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Identity Theft Prevention
- Shredding documents with sensitive information minimizes identity thieves obtaining your personal data. 
- Criminals often search through paperwork to piece together identity theft details. Secure shredding eliminates this risk. 
protecting family data
Protecting Personal and Family Data

- Residential shredding ensures that the personal data of your family is safeguarded, ensuring their privacy is maintained.

family privacy
Preserving Home Privacy

- Certain documents, like utility bills and receipts, may contain details used to target your home.  

- Shredding this information maintains your family's safety and security. 

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