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Hard-drive Destruction Service

Throwing away old hard drives ensures only a chance for thieves to access your information. Secure hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure the safety of your confidential information.

Switching to new systems and protecting all information off the old hard drives require secure hard drive destruction.  Over 16 million Americans were affected by identity theft last year!  If you have old hard drives sitting around, your confidential information is at risk.

Simply erasing data on your hard drives is not enough to keep it safe from identity theft and data breaches.  The sensitive information can live on your old hard drives even after during a thorough clean up.  Protecting your businesses' sensitive information with Shred America's Hard Drive Destruction is simple and easy.

How does our hard drive destruction work?

  1. Call us at (866) 747-3387 or complete the form to get a quote from a Shred America information security expert.
  2. Put your old hard drives in a box that can safely hold the hard drives.
  3. Set up a time for one of our vetted and professionally trained Shred America truck drivers to come to your location and secure your hard drives.
  4. You can watch as your hard drives are destroyed on-site or taken to one of our secure facilities to be destroyed.
  5. After the shredding service, you will receive a certificate of destruction to confirm that you have stayed compliant with any state and federal information security laws.

Shred America will ensure your hard drives are properly shredded, destroyed, and disposed of.

Our uniformed professionals will perform the destruction on site and issue a certificate of destruction giving you complete confidence that your information is destroyed

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